Upping my brow game | Freddie

Hi guys,

Back in September I bought some new brow products which I’m reviewing for you today. I actually wrote the ‘initial thoughts’ sections at the time of ordering, and the final verdict just now, about six weeks of use later.

A brief brow history: for a few years I’ve trimmed, threaded and gelled my brows. Last spring, I bought my first brow pencil, and while I’ve enjoyed its effect, I’ve always thought it was a little warm for my hair colour, and also hard to use precisely as it blunts quickly. In addition, I simply don’t think my current brow gel is coming up to the mark in taming my unruly hairs.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade


Initial Thoughts I have danced around buying this product for probably a few years now, especially when I had no intention of participating in the brow-filling world. I finally felt confident enough to take the plunge, having dipped my toe in with a simple pencil. I live in the UK, so it is extraordinarily difficult to find an in-store ABH range, so I guessed at my colour online. There is a fairly comprehensive guide for picking your colour, and I was certain that Dark Brown would be cooler-toned than my current pencil.

Final Verdict I’m thrilled with this purchase. It does live up to the hype (although there must be loads of similarly performing products around). The colour is almost identical to that of my hair (cool-toned dark brown), which does mean that my brows can look a bit full on if I’m not light-handed enough. I’m not one for overly-outlined Instagram-brows, so I just take the dipbrow through the gaps in the outer half of my brows. I like to use this with one of my most used brushes ever: Ruby and Millie angled liner. Unfortunately the brand seems to have dissolved! So a short- and stiff- bristled angled liner should do the job. The use of a brush means that the strokes are thinner and more precise, achieving a natural result.

Would I repurchase? Yes, definitely. Maybe even in a fairer colour for a less intense look.

NYX Eyebrow Shaper


Initial Thoughts After doing some research on the strongest brow gels around, I came across the idea of using wax instead, and specifically this fabulously affordable NYX crayon. For £6.50, I didn’t feel much could go wrong.

Final Verdict I had high hopes for this crayon, and used it consistently for over a month. The wax has a strong hold, and if used as the final touch, results in a groomed finish. Unfortunately, because the product is a chunky nib crayon, it provides little control over how each hair lies. To counter this, I would comb lightly through my brows after application. The result was neat, but it would make the wax flake. Little, off-white flecks all over dark eyebrows is not a great look. If any of you know how to use this to good effect, please let me know!

Would I repurchase? Nooo. I’ve reverted to clear mascara for the mo.

Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection 202 Angled Liner


Initial Thoughts Okay, this one was definitely a little self-indulgent, as I’ve wanted a bold metals brush even since they came out, and have never been able to justify the purchase. Well, buying the dipbrow was the perfect excuse – it requires a suitable angled-brush! I often see Sam using this brush to do her brows in her videos, and the reviews backed up its suitability for brow-filling.

Final Verdict Oh man, I truly wanted to love this for my brows, but I can’t. The bristles have a fair bit of give, meaning the brush is ineffectual in transferring the ABH dipbrow onto my skin. On using the aforementioned R&M brush with the dipbrow, I had no problem. There is a silver lining: the flexibility of this brush is perfect for gel liner, as well as its weighted handle.

Would I repurchase? Only as a liner brush.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let me know whether / how you groom your brows in the comments below.

F x

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