NYX Liquid Lipsticks | Kajal

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the delay in posting but we’re back 😀

I really enjoy lipsticks with a matte finish, but as I have rather dry lips, it usually ends up becoming quite ugly. So I wanted to try out liquid lipsticks but didn’t really want to break the bank on something that could go hideously wrong!

NYX LL (1)


What I personally appreciate about NYX’s liquid lipsticks is the price (a very affordable £5.50) and the range of colours. Although I wish there were a few darker shades in the Lip Lingerie collection, overall I found myself spoilt for choice.

I ended up buying two lipsticks from NYX’s Professional Makeup Soft Matte Lip Cream range in ‘Budapest’ and ‘Copenhagen.’


The doe-foot applicator makes life a bit easier when it comes to application and the formula dries relatively quickly to a matte finish. NYX claims that the Lip Creams are moisturising but I’m not sure if I would go quite this far, definitely not for my dry lips. Although the formula is relatively comfortable, after a few hours it does dry my lips out.

In regards to wear-time, oily foods will destroy it, but otherwise it does a pretty decent job of staying on for its price. I’d say it lasts an average of 4/5 hours before I need to re-apply. Re-application is relatively painless but I have found that Copenhagen quite clearly settles into lines afterwards.

I prefer Budapest over Copenhagen – it is a lovely purpley shade that reminds me of Mac’s Amorous. It’s easy to apply, and it’s quite a flexible shade for  both day and night looks.

NYX LL (3)
Budapest (check out that zoom)

Copenhagen is more a wine colour. It doesn’t apply quite as smoothly as Budapest and it has the common flaw of most shades of its kind in the sense that it is quite streaky. I generally end up having to apply quite a few layers to achieve an even colour. It also tends to accentuate dry patches and lines. My top tip is to apply Copenhagen first to the centre of the lips, and then to use Budapest to even it out on the top to get a lovely mix of the two shades.

NYX LL (2)

I will probably end up collecting quite a few of these – and I will also most likely try out the Liquid Suede range soon to see how the formula compares.

I hope this review helps!

Kajal x





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