Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in ‘Sundipped’ Swatches | Kajal

Hey everyone!

Exams are over and I’m now back in the UK! 🙂 My friend Laura owns an Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in ‘Sundipped‘ and I thought it would be interesting to see swatches of the palette on our different skin tones.

ABH Swatch 2


The results were pretty interesting; the Glow Kit looks so different on the both of us:

ABH Swatch 1
L-R: Moonstone, Tourmaline, Summer, Bronzed

I’ve always been tempted by this palette so I wanted to see if it suited me.

It is wonderfully pigmented, and not chalky or gritty at all! Summer and Moonstone, the lighter colours in the palette, are starker on my skin, but make nice highlighters on the both of us. They look quite similar on the skin but I would say that Summer is more yellow, whereas Moonstone is pink-based.

Tourmaline is an interesting shade; it leans more towards pink on Laura’s skin-tone than my own. On me it is almost bronzey – less of a blush and more of a natural highlighter. I was surprised by how similar this shade was to the Summer and Moonstone as it looks darker in the pan, almost a purple – the beauty of swatching!

You can just about see Bronzed on my skin-tone, whereas on Laura it’s a pretty warm-toned bronzer. My arm is darker than my face, so I could probably get away with using this shade for a subtle contour.

Overall, it’s a lovely palette, but at £39 I will probably only purchase it if I feel like splashing out.

I hope this helps!

Kajal x


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