Concealer & Foundation under £20! | Una


Recently, I have gone back to a new firm favourite foundation and I’ve had the chance to try the latest must-have concealer!

Rimmel ‘Wake Me Up!’ Foundation – £8.99

This foundation was one of the first (ever) foundations that I tried as a fresh faced 17/18 year old. In my time, I have tried foundation products from Nars, a couple from MAC but so far nothing stands up to the quality and price offered by Rimmel’s ‘Wake Me Up!’ Foundation. This is a medium to full-coverage foundation. It covers any blemishes in one application with either damp sponge or flat topped brush. The foundation is buildable especially in any areas where I do want extra coverage; typically on my cheeks or chin. The foundation does leave a shimmery finish which I have always been apprehensive of but it does not show up in any photos (and that’s what really counts). The foundation is long wearing, with or without primer/powder. I think it looks better without powder as it gives your skin a healthy glow. I recommend just a few sprits of fixing agent to continue that dewy look.

Revolution Concealer – £4.00

Yes, I have jumped on this bandwagon and it is oh so worth it. I have always been a fan of the Collection concealer but they have recently changed the colour of their darkest (take darkest with a pinch of salt) shade which gives it an orange/red undertone. Suitable for some but not for me! Reading online I heard so many good things about Revolution and their concealers; and I can see why. This concealer is thick but light and buildable. It is more watery than the Collection concealer but not necessarily a bad thing. Can be applied with a damp sponge or small brush. Can’t comment on this but I’ve read blogs saying this is like the Tarte concealer. At £4.00, where could you go wrong! Revolution offer a wide range of shades suitable for many skin tones.

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