StylPro make-up brush cleaner review | Una

I am reviewing the well talked about StylPro makeup brush cleaner. I am really lazy when it comes to cleaning my brushes so I am excited to see if this device encourages me to clean them more often.

This cleaning kit retails for £39.99 on stytom.comand contains 4 items:

  • The Stylpro makeup brush cleaner and drier
  • A bowl (allegedly unbreakable but I haven’t tested it to know!)
  • 8 x Flexible silicone collars (30mm, 24mm, 19mm, 15mm, 11mm, 9mm, 7mm, 5mm.
  • 2 x AA batteries

Watch above to see how the StylPro brush cleaner faired with 4 different brush types!

Overall, I don’t think this device makes me want to clean my brushes on a regular basis. I believe it takes the same amount of time to clean the brushes as using soap and water. Also, we’re all part of the sponge revolution and this cleaner does not have an option to clean sponges of varying sizes.

It’s defining feature, however, is definitely how quickly it dries the brushes. I would recommend just washing your brushes as normal, and if you happen to own this product, dry the brushes in the bowl. That way you do not have to change the water multiple times if you’re doing multiple brushes.

Alternatively, if have better time management than I do, you can wash and just leave your brushes overnight and that does the trick. Plus I am unsure of the long-term effects of the strong spinning techniques on the brushes. That is still to be determined!


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