Makeup Steals or Not? | Kajal

Hi everyone,

After a long hiatus, I’m back!

Summer Steals (1)

My exams are over and I’ve picked up a few summer steals for myself to see if I can find any gems!

Today I’ll be reviewing Freedom’s Pro Melts Lipgloss Set in Vamp, GOSH Lumi Drops in Peach and Sleek’s Corrector and Concealer Palette in Number 05.

Summer Steals
Top to bottom – Gosh’s Lumi Drops in Peach and the Vamp Set

GOSH Lumi Drops in Peach

These drops are quite pigmented and blend into the skin effortlessly. I don’t tend to add them to my foundation but instead use them as a liquid highlighter or more often, as a blush. I mainly use this product as a base for other products to stick to and to get longer wear-time out of them.

In hindsight, I should have picked up the Gold or Bronze options Gosh offers – this shade leans towards silver and does not completely suit the yellow undertones of my skin. I’m still glad I picked it up as I don’t really have anything like this in my makeup collection.

Freedom Pro Melts Lipgloss Set

In terms of good points, these lipglosses are very pigmented and are pretty much opaque on the first swipe.

The shades are lovely and you get a good range – I personally prefer the cool-toned purple. The darkest shade is not as opaque as the others and comes off on my lips as a purpley-black shade. This shade is probably the closest to being ‘vampy’ – on me the others are quite summery!

Don’t let these swatches fool you – they do not dry down matte. They are (true to their name) very glossy. I would say they are a cross between a liquid lipstick in terms of opacity and a lipgloss in terms of finish, however, a major issue I have with this product is that it transfers a fair bit and can bleed (where a good lipliner would probably come in handy), and continues to do so hours after application. They also tend to settle into lines. As a liquid lipstick, these are not great, yet as a lipgloss, they’re pretty good!

I think if you were to powder these down a bit or blot them down to counter the transfer they could work, but then you’d lose the shine!

I don’t think I’ll purchase more of these lipglosses, but I currently mix them with other liquid lipsticks or use them sparingly as a topper on others (where there’s a will there is a way!)

Sleek’s Corrector and Concealer Palette in Number 05

Summer Steals (3)

This is a handy little palette, with two concealers (pictured above) and a yellowy-beige setting powder. It’s a great size with a decent mirror too – perfect for top-ups the go! (although you’d have to use your own brush as it’s not provided in the set.)

I really like the consistency of this concealer. It’s creamy so it’s great for those with dry skin like myself. It’s also not too bad on the creasing front which is where most concealers let me down. In terms of coverage I would say it gives me medium coverage but you can build it up – however once layered it does tend to get a bit oily so the powder is key.

I don’t tend to use the setting powder in this set too much. Although it is finely-milled and does a perfectly fine job of setting, it is a little too cool-toned for my skin – I personally opt for more yellow-toned or translucent powders.

Do let me know how these products have worked for you, or any makeup steals you’ve recently picked up!

Kajal x


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