L’Oreal Paris Les Chocolats Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick Review | Kajal

Hi everyone!

Today I’ll be reviewing the two liquid lipsticks I picked up from L’Oreal’s Les Chocolats collection!

Chocolats 2

I am loving the chocolate theme! I picked up the shades Truffa Mania and Cacao Crush as I found some of the other shades a bit too light for my lips which are rather pigmented.

Chocolats 3
Top to bottom: Truffa Mania, Cacao Crush

Firstly, they do smell like chocolate! But not the artificial, sickly kind that I remember from my gel pen days. These liquid lipsticks honestly do smell like a cup of hot chocolate! The chocolatey scent is quite strong on application but does fade with time.

The formula is great – they start off quite tacky and gel-like in texture when applied but do dry down after some time, although they do perhaps take a bit longer than the average liquid lipstick. Once they dry down however, they do not budge! In fact, I really struggled to get these swatches off my arm… However, for those with dry lips, I did find these shades to be a bit drying.

In terms of tone, I found these shades a bit too brown for my complexion – something that I tried to capture on the swatches. This is to be expected (it is after all, a chocolate inspired line…) and it’s probably because my lips are pigmented to begin with. To combat this, I tend to mix these shades with a dark red lipstick to get the perfect shade.

These lipsticks do perform really well, although I did find that Truffa Mania performed better than Cacao Crush. The latter is a bit more patchy in application, emphasises lines in the lips more and does not wear down evenly! A good lipliner does sort out these problems though!

I have my eyes on Ginger Bomb next 😀 Hope this helps!

Kajal x


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