My Mac Palette Take 2 | Kajal

Hi everyone,

Ages ago I posted about my beloved Mac palette but I’ve slowly (incredibly slowly) been adding to it!

Mac palette

I actually purchased my new shades from Makeup Geek because I had heard good things about their quality, they’re cheaper than Mac refill pans (£4.95 from Beauty Bay as opposed to £10), and they fit quite nicely into my palette (although unfortunately they are not magnetised to this palette.)

I also have a Z palette where I keep my foiled MUG shades which I will be reviewing soon!

mac palette (4)
Shades T-B: Morocco, Havoc, Cocoa Bear and Corrupt

These eyeshadows are fantastic – they are so easy to blend, pigmented and are great value. I would definitely say that they are on par, if not better, in quality to my MAC shades, and they’re a great addition to the more cool-toned shades I had previously bought from MAC.

mac palette (3)
T-B – Morocco, Havoc, Cocoa Bear and Corrupt

Morocco – A great warm orange. I used to be pretty intimidated by this shade but I love using it for a pop of colour to warm up the crease, and it pairs well with both cool toned and warm toned shadows.

Havoc – This is one of MUG’s duochrome shades. I would describe it as a silvery olive-green but with a red-brown base. It’s probably one of the more interesting shades that I have. It can be used on its own on the lid but it really pops with a dark base under it.

Cocoa Bear – A warm medium brown. This is also a great colour in the crease – I love pairing this with Morocco.

Corrupt – A pigmented black. I don’t tend to use black to darken my crease but prefer instead to use it to set my eyeliner or as an alternative to pencil liner when I want to go for a more natural look.

I haven’t got that long to go before this palette is finished! I am still on the hunt for a dark brown, a light tan colour for a transition shade and maybe a bronzey lid colour.

Overall I’ve loved creating my own palette and although it is more expensive than a ready-made palette, I have managed to stretch my buying over a couple of years.

Hope this helps with your eyeshadow purchases!

Kajal x


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