My (Growing) Sephora Liquid Lipstick Collection | Kajal

Hi everyone!

Despite having dry lips I love liquid lipsticks and my growing collection is probably proof of that…


I used to live near a Sephora and I kept buying their Cream Lip Stains! It all started with the shade 03 Strawberry Kissed that Freddie and Una got me for my birthday, and since then, Sephora has expanded the collection to 104 shades (including online exclusives) ! So it looks like I’ve got lots more to purchase!

T-B: 28 Night Bird, 27 Black Cherry, 24 Burnt Sienna, 17 Dark Red, 16 Cherry Nectar, 03 Strawberry Kissed

I love the variety of shades – there’s even a lavender and peacock blue! Usually in most collections I’m limited to only a handful of shades which won’t wash me out or which will turn up on my lips in the first place! So I’m really glad to be spoiled for choice in this range.

T-B: 03 Strawberry Kissed, 16 Cherry Nectar, 17 Dark Red, 24 Burnt Sienna, 27 Black Cherry, 28 Night Bird

I love these! They are really opaque, even on my pigmented lips. A single swipe is enough for one application – you don’t need to go back into the tube! It’s a pretty smooth formula and not patchy, even the darker shades which was something that really surprised me, Night Bird in particular.

They all wear down pretty evenly after a few hours, although like most liquid lipsticks eating greasy foods can make them break down quicker. I really like the small doe-foot applicator they come with because it makes it really easy to get a sharp, neat line.

The finish is pretty matte. They can be a little bit drying but it’s ok if you prep! The darker colours can also settle into and emphasise lines on the lips but this usually is only noticeable after a few hours. I am not a fan of the smell as it is a bit plastic-y but this isn’t noticeable on the lips itself.

My personal favourites are Cherry Nectar (16), a lovely dark purple, and Burnt Sienna (24) which on my skin-tone is a cool-toned brown shade that’s perfect for autumn!

They cost around €12.95, (around £11.30) so they’re in the mid-price range in terms of liquid lipsticks but a little goes a long way – you get a lot of product for your money. I personally think they’re a steal, especially the more unusual shades, and will probably be picking up more from the collection!

Hope this helps,

Kajal x



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