Models Own Glitter Mix | Kajal

Hi guys,

Christmas and NYE are around the corner, and I am here for your glitter needs. I love a bit of glitter to add a little something to a look.


Models Own Glitter Mix is more of a paste – it’s like a glitter mixed with adhesive. I purchased the shade Unicorn which is a lovely light purple base with blue, pink and silver reflects. It is a really pretty shade that is universally flattering, and it’s currently on sale at Feel Unique! (£6.25 for 50ml)

It’s pretty easy to apply to the face just using your fingers and takes away all the mess associated with applying loose glitter. It is also pigmented – you get a good amount of glitter in one swipe. It can be used sparingly for a sheer wash of glitter or built up for a more intense look.

The glitter is long-wearing and therefore great for festivals and concerts. It’s also handy for large groups of people during a concert if you’re looking for quick application. I actually bought this product for a concert with my friends and we just applied it while queuing up for entry!

My Halloween makeup using the Models Own Glitter Mix on my cheekbones

However, after a while it does begin to dry and crack but you can refill any gaps by going back in with the product.

Also, despite the product description claiming that it can be applied directly to the skin or hair, I personally found it a bit scratchy near the eye area. I also find that it can be tricky to remove and I do not think it is biodegradable so I would avoid taking it off near a sink – I think it’s best to remove it using oil!

The product can separate (the gel from the glitter) but this can be easily fixed by mixing it back up again. The container also comes with a little tab inside to keep the product in but I would still recommend storing this product upright because it can spill! (as I found out the hard way when it leaked into my purse!)

Hope this helps!

Kajal x




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