Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadows Review | Kajal

Hi everyone,

I purchased Makeup Geek Foiled eyeshadows in the shades Flamethrower and Houdini to see what all the fuss about foiled eyeshadows is!



L-R: Makeup Geek eyeshadows in Flamethrower & Houdini

They have a strange texture. They are almost crumbly – as you can see in the pan – but they go on quite metallic.

They are pretty easy to work with – Flamethrower more so – but I would recommend using a flat brush because of their crumbly texture. You can buff them out into the crease but I would recommend targeting the eyeshadow where you want it first, then gently buffing it out to avoid making a mess!

They are more expensive than your average Makeup Geek eyeshadow, but the quality is perhaps a bit better as they have a more metallic effect. Both Flamethrower and Houdini are pretty shades, and they’re both pigmented! They really bring out my brown eyes but I can see them suiting everyone!

T-B: Makeup Geek foiled eyeshadows in Houdini & Flamethrower

Houdini is quite cool-toned. It is almost like a black eyeshadow with dark blue reflects – I would not say it is a true blue shade. It is great for a smokey eye but there is a bit of fall out. You can dab it on with a wet brush and put it on top of a black eyeshadow to get the blue to stick out more.  I also like to layer this over my eyeliner to to make my brown eyes pop!

Flamethrower is a bit more pigmented than Houdini. It’s a warm, vibrant orange with a lot of sparkle – I felt like the glitter in this eyeshadow was a bit chunkier. I found it a bit easier to work with than Houdini in that it was easier to blend and had minimal, if any, fall-out.

They’re both great for going out, and I have also worn Flamethrower during the day but buffed out on the lid.

Overall, I love them! They are decent quality eyeshadows considering the price (they’re currently £7.95 at Beauty Bay but I tend to buy them when they’re on sale!)

I also really liked my small Z Palette. It is secure, a handy size and good quality for the price (£9.50 from Beauty Bay.)

I have reviewed some other Makeup Geek eyeshadows here.

Hope this helps!

Kajal x


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