Tri Makeup consists of three ladies whose knowledge has mostly come from years of watching YouTube tutorials and gradually saving enough money to explore high end makeup. Part of the inspiration behind Tri Makeup is to demonstrate how the same products can look very different on varying skin tones.


I am a current undergraduate with an overarching love (and constant need) for makeup, which often conflicts with my student financial status.

I have a warm, light complexion (about NW20 in MAC), dark brown hair and green(ish) eyes. My favourite product is probably (unsurprisingly) the Urban Decay Naked palette.


I am a law student who escapes the world of contractual disputes with the help of makeup purchases.

I am of Indian origin (my name means eyeliner so I was doomed from the start) and have a medium, warm complexion. My desire to blog about makeup started when I was attempting to put together my own eyeshadow palette from MAC and could not find many reviews of the products I was interested in by people who were my skin tone. We wish to achieve this range with our blog, and hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


I am an English undergraduate with a simple love for all things make-up based. I was first interested in make-up after watching tutorials online and now my obsession has slightly spiralled out of control!

I have a medium, warm complexion and wear NC45 from MAC. My current favourite product is high beam from Benefit for that glowy skin! My aim for this blog is to show that you can create beautiful make up on a budget and without being a professional.

If you have any questions or requests, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.